Once upon a time there was a chair…

We believe that in addition to being a guarantee of durability, a quality wood serves as the foundation of our creations, which combine functionality and well-thought-out design.


The Materials

The colors and luster of the different types of wood are what is first revealed to the eyes of our craftspeople. Then they select from this wide range of natural colors, the tones, nuances and materials that will blend harmoniously with the design of your interiors.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect of the materials with which they will work, our experts pay special attention to the properties of the wood they select.


The Perfect Balance

During this phase of development, physics meets art to give birth to a piece of high quality.

Beyond their creativity and manual skill, our craftspeople have unparalleled technical know-how that allows them to design a unique piece with perfect proportions.

All angles and dimensions of your seating are designed and calculated so that when an exceptional design is completed, functionality is never sacrificed.


Giving Life to Design

Under the expert touch of our craftspeople, raw wood becomes beautiful. Years of experience have allowed our craftspeople to attain high mastery of processes that allow them to enhance the look of the noble material that is wood.

Crafted this way, each piece acquires its final form and takes the place intended for it. As the elements of your seating come together, what was once simply an idea now comes to beautiful, material life.


Finishing Touches

We know that what differentiates a work of art from a true masterpiece are the details. That’s why we do not neglect any aspect of our creations. Our craftspeople in design respect the nobility of wood by giving it all the attention it deserves.

From the upholstery fabric we use to the nails we select, we make no compromises regarding the materials we work with.


The Unveiling

Once finishing touches are completed, the time comes for our artisans to reveal the fruit of their work.

You will finally have the opportunity to discover the unique piece that will perfectly complement the decor of your interiors.


Restaurant chairs, seating, barstools and banquettes are crucial in the hospitality industry. The visual design as well as the overall comfort of the seating in an establishment can contribute to its success. Founded in 1983, Pavar understands the importance of carefully chosen seating. Now recognized as a leading furniture manufacturer of chairs, tables, bar stools and banquettes, Pavar has one of the largest selections of seating.