« With enough passion and care, anything you want will come through your hands »

Our History

In 1983, when the company first opened its doors, the work produced by the design workshop was already guided by a desire to develop aesthetically exceptional creations of impeccable quality.

This dedication to design combined with unparalleled expertise have enabled our company to stand out and become a true leader in the high-quality seating and hospitality furniture industry.

As a result of the passionate work of its founder and the dedication of its employees, Pavar’s business grew quickly. Faithful to our corporate culture, we continue to maintain the family values ​​that are especially important to us in our workshops and offices.

The love of wood, it seems, is transmitted from generation to generation.

A Family Story

Today, it is Michael Di Paolo, son of the founder, and his business partner Maria Iermieri who lead Pavar with heart and passion.

The dedication to artisanal practice can still be observed today in our manufacturing plant, which now houses all the equipment needed to make exceptional seating. Due to its state-of-the-art facilities, Pavar stands out in North America for its capacity to transform within a single factory a piece of raw wood into a quality piece of furniture with a unique design.

Every day, we strive to perfect our traditional know-how while taking advantage of modern technologies in order to bring to life the unique designs you propose.

Chairs, bar stools, tables or banquettes – our products are always made from materials selected with the utmost care. Applying our know-how to these remarkable raw materials, we are able to deliver pieces that, in addition to their exceptional look, easily stand the test of time.

A Culture at the Service of Your Vision

Whether it is our sales teams, craftspeople or support staff, we have always focused on a culture of innovation and harmony that allows everyone to fully express their expertise and talent.

Over the years, we have made operational excellence a core priority. In addition to preserving authentic traditional know-how, we have been able to develop tools and techniques that allow us today to meet high-volume demand without having to compromise on the quality of our production.

Pavar's mission is to merge product quality and design with customer service.
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